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Our team of experts in video games and rehabilitation puts its know-how at the service of healthcare professionals
Aurore Sliwanski
Author of the game
Coach in well-being and natural fitness. I am the author of the game and creator of the exercises. It's all in my head and on a myriad of diverse and varied little notebooks...
Membre de Voskalia Studio de jeux vidéos
Mathis Scombart
Game art student
He has modeled characters and objects from the game. He is in his second year at the Gaming Campus in Lyon and his quest is still long until the end of his training, but he is always there to help us when needed.
Membre de Voskalia Studio de jeux vidéos
Quentin Darty
Gameplay programmer
The first to have learned about the project and to have plunged into its creation by doing pirouettes and spins, he was so motivated.
A final year student at the Gaming Campus, he has a strong attraction to mathematics.
Membre de Voskalia Studio de jeux vidéos
Floriant Biot
Gameplay programmer
He also plunged a few months after Quentin into the project. He is a former student of the IUT of Nancy and is now in his final year at the Gaming Campus of Lyon.
Membre de Voskalia Studio de jeux vidéos
Stephane Heurtau
Designer and illustrator
Already renowned in the world of comics, he found the idea cool and wanted to help us. This is how he created the characters in the game.
Membre de Voskalia Studio de jeux vidéos
Xavier Sliwanski
Commercial director
He has a gift for human contact, understanding problems, solving them and monitoring them.
Gregoire Broutin
Community Manager
Grégoire takes care of creating all of Voskalia's communication, growing our community, and keeping our social networks alive. If you've heard of us, it's thanks to him. 
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Nicolas Toiller
Data manager
In management and safety for more than 20 years, Nicolas brings a complementary vision to the project and highlights the pitfalls to avoid.
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August 2021

Birth of the project.

April 2022

Project writing: all scenario details, descriptions of associated worlds, props and applications.

May 2022

First contact with the management of the Gaming Campus.

June 2022

Submission of the project to the INPI.

July 28, 2022

Official birth of Voskalia.

March 16 and 17, 2023

Voskalia at Virtuality Paris.

September 2023

First World Alpha Exit.

March 2024

Beta release of the first world.

Until March 2031

Development of the other 8 worlds.

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